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Take your security to the next level with CIS Filtering!

CIS Filtering makes it easy to mitigate content and malware. No additional hardware require!  In just 15 minutes you can create a more productive, safer internet on your CIS Router!

CIS Platinum Monitoring Membership monitors selected network devices and push status notifications in real time to integration professionals! Be informed first with CIS Platinum Membership.

As of September 1 2020, CIS-FLTR-RESI PLATINUM now includes the CIS Smart App compatible with iPhone and Android. Take your network to the next level with a smart network!


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Product Description

Content & App Filtering 54 categories, white-listing & low false positives

New internet content is detected and classified within 24 hours. Separate ‘Safe Search’ categorization including You-Tube, Google and Bing can also be enabled. When a blocked page is reached users receive a customizable stop page and the event is logged.

Malware Mitigation Block 350,000 strains of malware

CIS Malware Mitigation detects the sources of Malware (bad web sites) as well as the symptoms of Malware. This is complementary to anti-threat software deployed on PC’s or devices. CIS mitigates ransomware, viruses, banking trojans, botnets and more than 25,000 variations

Reporting & Analysis Real-time reports and 6 months of data

While fully compliant with leading privacy laws (eg 95/46/EC, BPjM etc) CISretains up to 6 month of historical data for creating ad-hoc or scheduled reports. Many pre-canned report formats are available to minimize the effort required.

Area restriction Control Block countries considered dangerous

For many reasons the ability to detect and potentially block access to certain countries can be a considerable help. Usually this is because of a perceived risk but it might also create a geo-fence for children or employees.


CIS Smart Network

A network so smart it’s almost genius. Make your CIS Router Smart!

Consumer enhanced network management. Client control and management in the palm of your hand.

  • Why is steaming media so slow?
  • Are my children sleeping or playing video games?
  • How do I track my monthly usage?
  • Why am I not getting the speed I am paying for?








The CIS Platinum Plus API will:

  • Immediately diagnose network health.
  • Allow you to dynamically regulate consumption from any connected device consuming excessive data.
  • Receive notifications related users to gaming, social media and more.

VPN Setup

VPN Setup – Windows 10
VPN Setup – Windows 7
VPN Setup – MacOS
VPN Setup – iOS
VPN Setup – Android


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