Custom Integration Solutions for Integrators & Commercial Installers

CIS Wi-Fi Manager

CIS Wi-Fi Manager is a centralized management solution for wireless networks. It simplifies the deployment and administration of multiple access points by configuring and monitoring them from a CIS Router. This allows seamless network expansion, consistent configurations, and easier diagnostics.
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Network Switches

CIS Network Switches deliver high-performance, enterprise-grade solutions with standard and PoE configurations. Layer 2 and Layer 3 features support advanced networking tasks, such as VLANs and inter-VLAN routing, ensuring seamless operation in professional settings.
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Remote Monitoring & Network Services

By utilizing CIS's encrypted VPN connections, remote solutions are made secure, leading to a reduction in field technician visits and a swift resolution of IT concerns. CIS constructs complete solutions for safeguarding and optimizing your digital workspace.
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CIS DNS Filtering

CIS DNS Filtering safeguards users from online threats. This method involves intercepting and evaluating DNS requests made by users, with the aim of blocking access to dangerous or inappropriate websites. By maintaining an updated database of potentially harmful websites, CIS DNS Filtering not only enhances network security and performance but also ensures a secure browsing experience for its users.

At Custom Integration Solutions, we are steadfast in our mission to empower integrators with cutting edge IT solutions tailored to the unique needs of the homes and businesses they serve. Our innovative and efficient technology is meticulously designed to integrate seamlessly with the distinctive processes and systems intrinsic to the integration industry.

CIS is not just another equipment provider, but rather a devoted partner. Our commitment extends beyond offering top-notch products, we aim to build enduring alliances and deliver unparalleled customer experiences. We propel success by leveraging our deep expertise, sparking creativity, and dedicating ourselves to the ethos of perpetual improvement.

Together, we are not only staying abreast of the present but also shaping the future of technology. By crafting custom solutions with an eye towards the future, we are driving the integration industry forward, one custom solution at a time.

CIS has rewritten the rule book and this router is in a class of its own - CIS-NW-POE Gigabit Router