CIS-CRS326-24G Gigabit Switch

Ideal for large homes or commercial applications, the CISCRS326-24G handles all of your switching needs!

The CISCRS326-24G fully supports Layer 3 networking, allowing for more complex and customizable network configurations, while still maintaining the flexibility and throughput afforded by the large number of Gigabit and SFP+ ports.

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Product Description

The CISCRS326-24G is a 26 independent port switch, with 24 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports. The remaining two ports are SFP+ cages providing up to 10Gbps over either optical fiber or ethernet modules (not included).

The CISCRS326-24G comes pre-configured for optimal use in home automation applications and integrates easily into existing and new CIS-powered installations.

The sturdy CISCRS326-24G switch comes with a 24V 1.2A power adapter, but can also be powered over PoE. The two SFP+ ports allow for numerous connectivity options, including fast and reliable connections between multiple switches and other networking devices.

The large selection of ports, along with the ability to easily add more and varied devices, allows for painless growth of your network and reliability you can count on.

Powered by the ARM 98DX3236A1-BTD4C000 800 MHz CPU, 512MB RAM, and a rock-solid CIS configuration, this switch can reach a Non-Blocking throughput of 44 Gbps and has a switching capacity of 88 Gbps. The device’s top forwarding rate is 65.4Mpps.

All of these features and specifications combined, backed by extensive testing and research by CIS, make the CISCRS326-24G an extremely attractive package leading the way in speed, reliability, and value.

Through superior specifications, software, and support, the CISCRS326-24G is the Gigabit 24 Port switch you’ve been waiting for.


CIS-CRS326-24G – Manual
CIS-CRS326-24G – Cutsheet
CIS-CRS326-24G – Quick Setup Guide


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