• CIS-80MKV 1U Rack-Mount Gigabit VPN Router

    CIS-80MKV 1U Rack-Mount Gigabit VPN Router

    Large homes or commercial applications, the CIS Router with the Wi-Fi Manager was built just for you.

    All CIS Routers now come with an integrated Wireless Manager. Connect your CIS Access Points directly to your CIS Router or through a network switch.  In a few easy steps manage, control and view SSIDs, Passwords and connected devices, all from the familiar router interface.

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  • CIS Additional VPN License

    Add an additional set of VPN credentials for solutions requiring multiple credentials to dial-in while away from your home or office.

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  • CIS 2-Router VPN Tunnel

    Have a router at the office and another at the house. With this solution be permanently connected to either location. No dialing in, just one large network. Great for remote camera viewing, remote desktop and more.

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