• CIS-NW-POE 4-Port Gigabit POE Router

    CIS-NW-POE4 4-Port Gigabit POE Router

    Don’t be deceived by the small size, the CIS-NWPOE-4 CIS Router with the WiFi Manager and 4 PoE enabled ports was built just for you.

    The CIS-NW-POE router comes complete with a 24V or upgrade to a 48V 2.5 Amp power supply. Providing power to the 4 POE ports and with fibre out, this small but powerful device is in a class of its own!

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  • CIS-80MK1 1U Rack-Mount Wireless VPN Router

    CIS-80MK1 1U Rack-Mount Wireless VPN Router

    The first CIS Router! The CIS CIS-80MK1 Router with the Wi-Fi Manager,

    Connect your CIS Access Points and the CIS-80MK1 is a Wi-Fi Controller. 5 1GIG ports and 5 10/100 ports and integrated 6db antennas in a rack mountable case. Need to go bigger? Add your CIS Switches to the 1GIG SFP cage and CIS Fibre cable.

  • CIS-80MKV 1U Rack-Mount Gigabit VPN Router

    CIS-80MKV 1U Rack-Mount Gigabit VPN Router

    Large homes or light commercial applications, the CIS-80MKV with the Wi-Fi Manager is a powerful solution.

    Powered by a dual core CPU 1.4 GHz network processor and 1 GB of RAM this router is perfect for light commercial applications. 10 Gigabit LAN ports, divided in two switch groups and an SFP cage. Come directly from the SFP cage directly to your network switches for optimal connectivity.

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  • CIS-CCR2004-16G

    Like the other models in CIS-CCR2004 series, this CCR also features the Amazon Annapurna
    Labs Alpine v2 CPU with 4x 64-bit ARMv8-A Cortex-A57 cores running at 1,7GHz. But
    here’s the difference. This powerful router crushes all previous CCR models in single-core
    performance, and that is the most important aspect when it comes to heavy operations
    based on per-connection processing. Like queues, for example.
    But that’s not all! It also has the best single-core performance per watt and best overall
    performance per watt among all the CCR devices. Better for the planet, better for the
    bills, it’s a win-win

  • QuickConnect Bundle

    CIS QuickConnect Router & Switch Bundle

    CIS QuickConnect means that the included CIS-SW-POE4 Switch all fits into a 1U space. A total of 8 POE ports.

    All CIS Routers now come with an integrated Wireless Manager. Connect as many CIS Access Points as necessary as now your CIS Router is a Wi-Fi Controller. No project is too big or small as there is no limitation to the number of access points this CIS Router can manage and control.

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